CIS not showing popups for some Applictions!

CIS on my everyday machine is not showing popups for some applictions i use, I checked and there not marked as a safe appliction or trusted Vender, some get Defualt Deny and 1 goes right by Image Execution Control set to Normal. Some days its worse then others, Using BOtester and CLT sometimes i get no popups for both and they just hang on the first test.

And yes i checked there are no entrys for the applictions in Computer Security Policy Or Network Security Policy. I can change the name of the application to anything and it will still happen.

D+ level: Paranoid
FW Level: Custom Policy
AV Level: Statful
Windows XP 32 bit
Unisntall 3.8 reboot install 3.9 no configuration importing.

I get the felling this bug is more wide spreed then its known, Matt had this problem once (on twitter) And i also get the felling that the problem being solved by Tranning Mode are caused by this bug.

Thx Guys.