CIS not running (FW, AV, D+) & task bar icons mostly disappeared

Whoa, need help!!

Installed CIS 4.1.150349.920 from FW and Avast AV only on Win XP Home, not running Avast anymore to allow CIS to do.

Had run FW long time no prob. CIS ran for about 1 month or so and suddenly CIS and other startup icons (Toshiba Laptop processes) don’t appear in task bar nor in active processes…

Double click on CIS desktop icon and it then appears nut not other missing appl icons and says no CIS problems but it wasn’t running while I was surfing until I opened CIS.

In CIS, My Configurations, it only shows that COMODO Proactive Security is ACTIVE but NOT Internet & Firewall Security??? (what about AV?)

What do I need to do to get it to open at startup and show in the task bar and is my FW, AV, etc, active?

Side issue afterwards is what did it do to my other startup icons, CIS says Jun 9, they’re in sandbox, limited?

Really? This is the great support that Comodo provides - saying to use the community forum and no one can provide help?

My system at power up no longer fires up CIS and I didn’t make any changes so why would a SECURITY program stop being active to protect the computer and the net from being able to have yet another computer possibly taken over by viruses and hackers for their uses?

To me it says a lot that a company touts its products but won’t stay on top of resolving problems with its products. I don’t blame the community but wonder why the CEO Melih who was so helpful when Comodo was first released no longer seems to care about its users.

I had a really lame response/answer from one of the support group with an answer that indicated he didn’t read the trouble ticket and gave a link to a community forum subject that obviously wouldn’t resolve the problem showing that this support person didn’t really read the issue and merely gave a quick - let’s get this off my desk type of response to make it look like he’s solving lots of issues but isn’t.

I know there are good people at Comodo but where are they?


When you say you have the Proactive Security profile enabled, thats is ok, beacause thats means FW and AV is runnig perfectly (as long is no issue form CIS shown).

Please show in ‘‘My Pending files’’ to see if the applications form the taskbar sandboxed was (thats means this applications are running under restricted rights). When you find this applications there and this applications are safe, you can mov them to ‘‘My own safe files’’ and rerun them (better is to restart the laptop).

Does it work?


Hi Ovidiu, :smiley:

Thanks for taking the time to suggest something.
There aren’t any files in the MY PENDING FILES, it’s blank and the SANDBOX too.

There are some of the missing file references in VIEW DEFENSE+ EVENTS that in the “flags”(column) that say “sandboxed as” with “Target”(column) saying “limited”.

Some of them have “flags”(column) that say “access memory” with “Target”(column) referring to a EXE file.

Having indicated the above - I don’t see anything that would have stopped CIS from starting up at power up each time. Any thoughts on this. I can start manually but worry about overlooking it and if my system is vulnerable during such times before I manually start it.


Dou you still have the problem?

It is very strange that there are no applications in “My pending files” because some applications was sandboxed. Can you see if this applications are in “My own safe files”? Dou you have any blocked applications (see “My blocked files”)?

What applications are you reffering?


Yes - still have the problem.
The Pending and Blocked files are empty.
The Protected files all seem to be default folders and files and nothing I ever played with or assigned.
The Own Safe files have a variety of files, including the missing Toshiba utility application icons which aren’t essential but some were useful and has some other apps (MS Framework 2.0, Google Chrome and SuperAntispyware).

Not sure why those are protected, I didn’t assign them, must have been Comodo decided.

A number of Comodo folders/files appears in the Protected Files but again, I never did anything to put any files anywhere. I just installed Comodo and didn’t always get enough time to react to many of the allow pop-ups as it was installing so I assume I’m to blame for a poor installation effort if my Toshiba utilities got whacked at that time.

However, I don’t know why Comodo was somehow removed from power startup when it is in the protected files. I’m just at a loss as to how this happened and why the Comodo Support people aren’t interested in finding out how their program got whacked.

Can you please download Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware to check if you don’t have any malware that might infected with a taskbar files, and also check through your OS control panel and see if the task bar mode is not turn off.

Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware

There is a known long standing glitch in XP where all the icons for things that start at boot time will not show in the system tray. This does not mean that the programs are not running. CIS is probably running just fine. The icon is only for the graphical interface to CIS where you can see events and change settings, it is not for the protection features at all. CIS 4 is much more prone to exhibit this behavior than previous versions were, probably because the loadup timings have changed or maybe because there is more to load, the sandbox for example. When you click on the desktop icon for CIS, all it does is open the GUI which then puts it’s icon in the tray. There are a few things you can try to fix the behavior. If you are still running Avast! as the AV you can go into the troubleshooting settings and check the box to delay the loading of Avast! services. If you are now using the Comodo AV, forget about this.

You can try telling one of the programs not to show it’s icon and reboot, then set it back to show and reboot again. This sometimes works. You can also right click on the taskbar, choose properties, select hide inactive icons and lock the taskbar. This sometimes fixes the problem and is the solution recommended by Microsoft. Sometimes deselecting those options, rebooting and then selecting them again does the trick. You can also search for and download a free utility called StartupDelayer and delay the loading of the CIS GUI by at least 10 seconds. This fixed the problem when I was having it. Delaying the GUI load does not affect when the other elements of CIS load and will not affect your protection at all. This problem stems from too many things trying to load and insert their icons at the same time and is a bug in XP that has been present since it came out and was never fixed by Microsoft. Again, even if the icons are not showing, you can be assured that CIS and the other things are still doing their job. You just don’t have access to the interface to change the settings.

I would also recommend disabling the sandbox since it still has a lot of flaws in it’s operation.

Another thing, there is only supposed to be one configuration of CIS active, not all of them.

Referencing the Defense+ logs, if you right click the file name on the left most column, you are given the option to move it to your Safe Files, or Blocked Files.