CIS Not Keeping Old Log Records

Running CIS Firewall Free, version 5.10.228257.2253

Not saving activity logs; only displays current date.


EDIT: Attached .jpeg below.

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have u tried click the day u want on the calendar at the bottom left? or click the entire period or this month button at the top left

Recent clean install 3/31/2012. No records are being kept beyond the current day. Noticed this behavior on upgrade on 3/23/2011 from version 5.9. That one had a log file size of 500 MB, so records were quite extensive. Now currently at default 20 MB size.

Also am seeing that settings in system are being changed (no user input or change) causing system freezes when trying to run a program where COMODO 5.10 is set to trusted. It sends off the file, checks it, says is trusted and clean. Have to wait until this process is done.

Sometimes am forced to use hard shut-down to restart system. In these cases, ctrl+alt+delete will not work.

Have ensured C: drive is clean by running chkdsk /f

Just restored cfp.exe from an image made on 3/31/2012 to proper location, will see if that makes a difference in operation.

Log file is crashing in any case. Windows apologizes for having to close the program.

EDIT: Fixed typo.