CIS not in programs list

I just noticed this and it seems strange. CIS is not listed when I click Programs and Features in the Control Panel. It is listed in CCleaner’s installed programs list but with no version number. The first picture is of the Control Panel list and the second one is CCleaner’s.

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Hi Dch48,
In the past I have had CCleaner show two entries after a version update.
If you remove the wrong entry from CCleaner it also removes the only entry present in the Programs & Features.
I am not sure if that is what has happened to you.
The entry missing does not effect the program or the uninstaller in anyway.

What to remove from CCleaner.? I’m always there 2 records.
When version CIS 4.xx -5.3 was then the record was one.
A control panel only one.
I do not update automatically.

Maybe it’s a mistake CCleaner? Or CIS particular versions?

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You can rename the entries (Just add 1 and 2) in CCleaner and see which one is in the Programs & Features.

Please Note: I am not sure how accurate this is and removing any it is to be done at your risk if you do not want risk losing the entry from Windows Program & Features.


Thank you. I’ll check.
It seems to me as I removed one was the problem. (Honestly I do not remember).
Thanks for the Note: …

Edit: Could the record (appear), when to installing the a kernel drivers? :-\

First in CCleaner where 135 Mb is not valid.
But it is strange. I renamed that without 135. (It Real)
After the return of the name began to show 135 Mb.

Thanks for the tip. :-TU

Edit: Could the this record (appear), when to installing the a kernel drivers?

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I did do that so it probably explains it. I know it doesn’t affect the program.