CIS not appearing at start up.

Hello forum and good day to you all.

I have a small problem with CIS.
For some strange reason comodo is not appearing at start up when i turn on computer.
When i have booted into windows i have to right click the comodo desktop icon to get the interface to appear.
I have checked to make sure comodo is set to autorun and everything seems ok.
Everything else with comodo is just perfect except for this little autostart problem.
Its not a huge problem but would like some help to see if i can rectify this please.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Does the actual processes start, is it just the GUI that doesn’t start?

If the processes doesn’t start I’d recommend a re-install, amazing how many issues it can solve.

Hello sanya and thank you for your reply.
Its weird because this problem has only recently manifested itself.
When i originally installed it ran just fine but just recently it has been a no-show at windows desktop.

I dont really fancy re-installing as this may cause more problems but i will try it if it may help in some way.

If you restart Windows, when it boots up again are the CIS processes running?

I don’t really know any way to fix such an issue other than re-installation.

Edit: You could try running the diagnostics.

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Thank you so much for your help sanya.
I have re-installed and it has solved the problem.

Thanks again. ;D

Glad it’s working for you :slight_smile: