CIS not allowing XP Network Shares To Be Visible To Home Network

I use the same login on my desktop (running CIS) and on my laptop. I have network shares setup on my desktop for my laptop to access via the home network. My desktop shares are not visible now after installing / running the latest CIS.

How can I make the desktop shares visible once again to my laptop / home networked devices?

Hello Mike, it would be helpful to see screenshots of your global and application rules. If your system updated from a previous version (ex. from version 5 or 6 to version 7), then I’m guessing there are different rules now and It will be a good idea to thoroughly check through them.

This is a clean install. I removed my prior version (AV Only) using Revo Uninstaller, followed by the Community uninstaller tools in Safe Mode. Then I ran the latest CIS Installer. I will post a screen grab of my Global Rules in a few hours when I am home from work.

Thank you in advance.