CIS not adding exe file to Trusted Files

CIS not adding exe file to Trusted Files (see image attached)

I tried with a few different .exe applications and I always get xxx.exe is already a safe file

BUT it never gets added to the Trusted Files

Can anyone help?


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Firefox is already listed as safe in the whitelist thus you cannot add it again to your trusted files

can you list the .exe applications?


Both are in the white list :slight_smile: You’ll get this message if that file is in the whitelist, you’ll get that error :slight_smile:

hope this helps

It does - thanks for the quick response :wink:

Now my final Q - where is the Whitelist stored and how can I view it?

Currently, You cannot ‘view’ the whitelist, there are three types of whitelist while dealing with CIS

  1. The one you create in ‘trusted files’
  2. The Local Database Located in %Programfiles%\Comodo\Comodo Internet Security*
  3. The Online Database Located somewhere on Comodo’s Server,

Hope this helps