CIS - no pending files

i have hp hdx 16 with Windows 7 - 64 bit i have installed CIS ver 3.11.108364.552 without the antivirus as i use Avast Antivirus ver 4.8

the network is set at safe mode while defense is set to Clean PC mode. this is a new laptop just purchased 3 months go and windows 7 was finally installed. i do not have CIS loading at startup as i am not always on the internet. i only load when I will be going to surf. i have noticed that my system is not scanned and therefore there are no “my pending files” for me to review if it is safe. i do not have any data, and i have installed only the following programs before CIS which are: CCleander, Wise Registry Cleaner, FoxPDF Reader, Glary Utilties. I installed Avast Antivirus and OPenoffice 3.1 after CIS was installed. I would like to know is there a problem that the firewall is not scanning my hard drive for files. I have C which is local drive, and the D drive which is the recovery drive.

i am logon as the administrator, as well as somehow when I installed CIS and it asked for the network name, I also got a message from Win 7 in regards to creating home network which i did, but i do not have no other laptop or desktop hooked up to it. the only thing that will be hooked to it from time to is the printer, external harddrive (for backup) and external DVD/CD; and i am not sure if deleting the “home Group” will cause problems with the firewall and windows.

also i do not know if this is the firewall that is causing it: when i install a portable application such open office or notepad i get the following error message " error open file for writing" i do not know if comodo is causing this or windows.

please help with the above. thanks

First of all in Clean PC Mode CIS will not scan your computer looking for program that are installed.

You say you have very little amount of program installed. So it could be possible that these programs would be either on the safe list or the signature of the vendor could be part of My Trusted Software Vendors. That could explain why you see no pending files.

I know from experience and checking the list that Pirisoft (Ccleaner), Alwil (Avast), Glarysoft
(Glary Utilities) and Foxsoft (Foxit PDF) are Trusted Vendors. Open Office and Wise Registry Cleaner may be part of the safe list. To know if a program is on the safe list simply try adding to the Pending Files and when it is on the safe list CIS will tell you.

Yet, I would like you to run diagnostics from under Miscellaneous and see if it reports any errors.

Can you also explain what you mean with " i do not have CIS loading at startup as i am not always on the internet."? What program(s) did you disable from starting up? Only cfp.exe or also cmdagent.exe?

Yes, it only scans when you open a program. That’s when you will get the pending files if any untrusted ones are found.