CIS: No icon in system tray

My CIS, which had been behaving nicely, has taken to not posting its icon in the system tray after boot-up. Task Manager reveals that it is active. If I run it from the START button, it reports that everything is cool, and /then/ places its icon in the tray.

What’s up?


I think that this is a Windows issue and not comodo, it can happen with all apps and not just comodo.
MIcrosoft just never fixed the issue >.<

I have this issue occasionally also. I too believe it is a Windows issue. What you are (not) seeing is the GUI. The actual engine is active and protecting your computer. Running the App from the START button, or even your desktop if you have placed the icon there, will restart the GUI in the tray.

This is a very rare issue, Ive also seen this happen with CIS system tray icon and don’t believe it’s CIS. On the other hand it could be CIS…


There is more information in this other thread:;msg223154#msg223154

The problem with the above lined posts, it only accounts for bootup disappearances of the CIS icon. The icon will occasionally disappear at any time, not just bootup.
This is a Windows issue.