CIS never remembers my answers for two specific processes


I am using the (so far great) Free version of Comodo I.S.

Everything works fine but there is an issue I’d like to solve:

My computer is a ThinkPad and has two processes that start on Windows startup: SynTPLpr.exe and SynTPEnh.exe which as far as I know are involved in helping my touchpad work so I guess could be considered “necessary”.

The problem is that whenever I start my computer, CIS gives me a popup about one of them and then the other one, asking me if I want to leave in sandbox, never run in sandbox again, etc.

I always chose on “never run in sandbox” but this is never remembered, so the same happens again next time I switch on my laptop.

If I chose “keep in sandbox”, again this is not remembered for next startup.

This only happens with these two processes.

It’s not very serious but it’s annoying.

Can anyone help? Thanks

A new version of CIS which includes many fixes for the sandbox is due to be released any time now.

If this problem isn’t fixed in the new version then reply to this post again. Hopefully this problem will be fixed with the new release and you won’t have to. Fingers crossed. :wink:

Please check the sandbox link in my signature. Is the solution to your problem there?

Thanks for the responses.

Eric, the funny thing is that these two files are never in the “Pending Files” when I check for them after what I have described happens.

On the other hand, the two files are in the “Safe Files” where I had put them myself manually (and I can still see them when I check).