CIS needs to be submitted here....

I feel that CIS needs to be recognized in the industry. To me there is no better way that have some groups test and approve the software, so for that I say that these are the places CIS should be submitted:

ICSA Labs -

West Coast Labs -

AV-Comperatives -

Virus Bulletin -

Anti-Malware Test Lab -

SC Magazine -

Some user will be trust Comodo when Comodo have a certificate.
But I think Antivirus need to fixed some false positive before entered the test.

For what its worth i agree with Petit on this one. Yes get Cavs tested. Get it tested when Melih feels Cavs is in a position not to embarrass itself due to silly, obvious Fps that still continue to pop up every few days when the data base updates,(my experience).

I am confident that when the family sigs come out (soon please) not only will detection increase but also fps reduce as the Db is reduced also. This will reduce the margin for error i feel and hence Cavs may be in a better position for testing.

However i feel Melih will submit Cavs when Cima is introduced. Then Cavs will i am sure go out and finally silence the doubters and kick some ■■■■!!.


Personally I think CIS doesn’t have to be tested before V4.


CAV’s is already kicking some buts (Norton and so on), But it will start to kick a lot more this summer!!!

Trust me on that! :wink:

Yup I agree for the AV side but, I have a feeling that cis will pass AV Comparatives proactive test with flying colours now.

Agreed. Or at least not before family signatures are added.

I agree with languy99 that CIS needs to submitted to all the links he mentioned, i m sure it will do good, but FP is the problem at this time for comodo antivirus in my opinion as well.
So i want to see how CIS performs in the tests. :a0

I think when family signatures are added Comodo is ready to be tested among it peers.

Comodo should as soon as kicking AVG buts.
I have a bad past time with AVG.

But certainly Noe Comodo was kicked some “No Name” security vendors that they think they’re best seller in their country and safest name in the world.

(Piff! How pitiful :frowning: )

It already did kick AVG but in by .04% i think. :slight_smile: