CIS need a web filter and e-mail filter

CIS need a efficient web filter for any browser ( IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari ) and a e-mail filter like Avast.


e mail filter is useless.
Web filter (they already have SiteInspector and Melih talked about an integration but time to wait atm).

e-mail filter can cause more damage than being useful; important mails can be erased before you even see it and you need something like Thunderbird or outlook for an AV, like Avast!, to utilize this e-mail filter feature. Using common sense will help you a lot.

Filters: All rely on Blacklisting technologies…you have to have these layers for default allow technologies. These kind of Default allow technologies are always few steps behind the malware and playing catch up while taking up your valuable system resources.

There is a new kid in town…Default Deny Architecture…With this architecture the places where malware could live is protected…RAM and Hard Disk…so you will be protected without having to use layers that might take your system resources.

We have done this kind of system without taking your resource called Secure DNS…we have done it so that we do all the processing and doesn’t cost you any system resource…

Simple truth…

Thank you…

Not everyone is technical enough to understand the True Innovation we have brought to the world…we are now seeing other companies (4 years after we launched our innovation) trying to follow it :slight_smile: …This shows you how far advanced Comodo’s R&D labs are compared to competition.

Indeed ;D :-TU

Neither a Mormon or born in Hawaii yet with such strident Melihfluousity, I can’t help feeling there was a place for you in that recent Foreign Policy (i.e foreign malware policy )debate. :wink:

Let me disagree

But does anyone remember de recent attack by exploits that steal logins to Hotmail ?

Or the recent attack from iframe site of the U.S. government that redirected to exploits ?

This the examples of situations that can be avoided when promptly reported to security websites related.

So it is no steps behind I think need a cooperation agreement with the maximum important security alerts sites.

The same would apply to e-mail filter ( POP IMAP SSL SMTP ) like Avast.

And not necessarily consume more system resources like Avast.

But nothing solves if the filter is not efficient.

Thanks again Melih

These exploits would be blocked by Defense+. Thus, there is no loss in security.

Comodo DNS don’t work in countries that use DNS filtering.

People there are at a disadvantage.

content protection vs system protection.

we have to understand the difference, the way you protect your data vs the way you protect your system are 2 different things that require 2 different architectures, because threat models are different. Today there is no good content protection for consumers. Some companies are trialling DLP technologies but not sure if this is a viable solution for end users yet.


Can we expect SecureDNS integration in to CIS 6 beta soon ?

I mean the ability to bind Secure DNS logins to CIS installation and therefore being able to control SecureDNS personalised settings from CIS.

We would feel more protected if CIS had web filter ( including antiphishing and protect search ) and e-mail filter.

We would not have the install extensions like NoScript ( Firefox ), BitDefender Traffic Light or AVG Link Scanner for additional security.


Somehow i can not see why your antivirus wouldnt catch things, which its web filter would find? Same for email.
If your antivirus fails like it is assumed by you, its definitions fail. So it doesnt matter if it fails on additional layers.

All these bloated products (you can insert any names you want) aim on one goal:
“Here you get the most. And much helps much.”
They create the feeling that you have, or want to have.

Detected internet page exploits disappear anyway. And before they are detected, theres no definition.
Its 98% protection marketing.

Sandboxie would be a much better protection than an antivirus with loads of loads.

I dont care about the e mail filter.I also dont care so much for web based exploits or jdb’s because as mentioned comodo protects the memory which these kind of attacks must access.

But i think that a web filter would be great for phising attacks.We cant be protected from those with comodo internet security and with comodo secure dns (Been using it for 2 months constantly testing at phisingtank but no blocks :embarassed: )

phishing is a problem of social engineering for your “content”…this is a totally different model…the current model is reactive…find a phishing URL and blacklist it…

We are working on a system for content…totally innovative…lets see…:slight_smile:

is it currently being developed

I think, that CIS needs also to have a builded-in sport car, operating system and Dungeon Keeper part III :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Guys, they gave to the public (thank you Comodo!) their DNS that filters web pages. And makes web sites browsing faster (yes!) than in example my internet provider dns servers. In my opinion “web filter” in Avast is tragic; it slowed down BROWSING speed in my case nearly by 50%!! I understand, that safety is important, but I also want to use my computer, not only to wait for it :wink: ).

Does it filter web pages? Yes it does. And it uses method that is most propably better for ordinary PC user, even if it’s method that big commercial big companies have never invented and do not show lights and balloons “you’re safe!”. So, maybe we willl just be glad that somebody gives most propably the best personal security software for Windows for free to people around the world and we will not pick holes? :wink:

Sorry for my bad English.

we are the spec and patenting stage…