CIS "My Pending Files" Submittal and Lookup Has Problems

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What happens to Pending Files after submitting them to COMODO, and how long ought it to take, for a review? I have had files submitted for weeks, and currently now have one that was submitted a week ago.
Some problems with Pending Files, its Add, Submit and Lookup functions, continue to be seen after update to CIS Complete 4.1.150349.920. This group of problems has been afflicting every version since at least as far back as 3.8, likely further., although each Update download and install went well, AFAICT (“as far as I could tell”). I am running Windows XP® SP3 with the June critical patches, and I use Firefox whenever possible, currently Ffx 3.6.6 with NoScript Now to explain the problem.
Here is a typical Example - The My Pending Files list window presently has two (2) files. Both are in a subfolder under Program Files, and both line items show a Submitted date/time. One was submitted about four hours ago, and one is showing that it was submitted on 7/2/2010 12:24:00. This looks OK, so far, but, read on.
On selecting the checkbox for All files, and then hitting the Lookup button, it gives me the “Performing online lookup…” box with progress bar that runs quickly and then this box is replaced with the Online Lookup Results box as normally, saying, “The online lookup has been completed. Please review the list below for the results.” as usual, but, read on.
This result is unsatisfactory: Each of the files is listed in this list window, and in the Result column, each line item has the blue question mark with word, “Unknown”. Unknown!! But, CIS shows it was submitted successfully, so, why is this unknown? Cognitive dissonance! Well, moving on… Hit the Close button on the results box, and it gives me the box titled, “Question”, with text saying, “There are unknown files in your list. Would you like to submit them to COMODO for analysis?” But, I already did submit these files! And CIS recognizes the submittals in its My Pending Files window! What’s this? Well, move on, hit the “Yes” button in the Question window. Guess what happens?
A box titled “Submitting…” appears and replaces the Question box, and its text includes the filename and the following line: “Operation: Performing online lookup…”, and its progress bar runs quickly for each file, and it stops after the last of the files, and a “Submit Results” window appears that looks just like the My Pending Files list window Its message text is the same as it was in the window titled, My Pending Files; except that now, its “Result” column reads for each line item, “Already submitted”. Great. COMODO recognizes the files are properly submitted, although it had just previously enticed me to submit them, because it told me (liar!) that the files were “unknown.”
These latest path- and file-names are: \Program Files\eFax Messenger 4.4\J2GPBook.exe AND
\Program Files\ 3\program\ssleay.dll.

How shall I ever resolve the issue with my pending files? Good or bad? Repeated trials, day after day, produce the same result.
Now you have all pertinent information, I believe. There have been several other instances the same, with other files, over the past several months.
Please, COMODO experts, for how much longer should one need to put up with this nonsense?

Following up 27 hours later - Am I posting in the wrong forum area? Ought this to be made a Bug report?

The file submission issue is being worked on. In the mean time, if you know these files are safe, move them to your safe list.

Mr. Buchanan,

Thanks for replying. Of course, I do not know whether these files are safe. I am hoping Comodo’s analysis facility would determine a highly reliable answer to the question. As of now, I do not even know whether the files that are listed as submitted in the My Pending Files list were in fact submitted, or were received, or were analyzed by Comodo, and certainly have no clue as to the outcome of analysis if any.

It would be nice to know as well, which file submittal issue(s) is (are) being worked on. That is, (1) whether the issue has yet been decomposed into elements, (2) whether any of the elements have been cleared of problems, and (3) which elements are in work yet.
The elements might be such as (a) the submittal and local reporting by client: are the reports to user of successful submittal, true or false? (b) are the reports to user that the same files are unsubmitted, true or false? (c) is the cause of the client’s Lookup report of “Unknown” a local mistake by the local client, or was the “Unknown” report a valid report of a determination by Comodo that the analysis routines failed to produce a reliable result, or that the file was damaged as received, or did the report from Comodo fail to make its way into the client properly? Is the process for returning the outcome to client, in question on the server side? (d) can Comodo in fact, analyze and determine independently on its own, whether the files contained any malicious code? (e) does it matter, that the issue report I wrote, was based on experiences while operating Comodo IS Complete in a Limited user account (Windows XP)?
Would my pending files be analyzed promptly, if I were to use an alternate submittal path, as I think I saw indicated in some case or other, in some other topic in these forums?
Incidentally, at this writing, the My Pending Files list is clear, perhaps the files have been analyzed recently and cleared by Comodo and the information has been received here and the files are now marked safe. or, perhaps not, the My Safe Files list is equally clear. FYI, I am at this writing, operating in Safe Mode (with Networking), and maybe Comodo’s list windows do not work in Safe Mode. This is anadmin. user account.
Can you tell me, please, whether the Pending Files list’s being clear means that Comodo has analyzed and verified as safe, both of the files identified when I opened this topic?

File submission is functioning, so yes, they have been submitted.

You can also use VirusTotal to verify your files.

Thanks! VirusTotal was new, to me. The analysis came back clear, so I guess that makes it a False Positive for COMODO antivirus. Is there some additional report that I need to make to help Comodo to rectify the FP?

Report false positives (or suspicious files by the way) here:

Thank you, for the link. I have submitted ssleay32.dll in that form, and it was acknowledged. Over and out.