CIS must ask about to load configuration file if it is newer than previous

Hello. My short story here:

I’m installed windows… Everything was tuned, CIS was installed. Clonezilla made an a backup image of my whole disk and i’m happy. One month gone, next one maybe few more…

Something terrible happened to my rig and i must to reinstall windows. Okay, i think. Only one thing i must to do - is to made some backups, then just restore the Clonezilla image and restore those small backups after everything will be ready.

So, i made a backup of my current CIS config !!! in the place, where my custom config file stored and where from CIS loading it usually !!!

Things went smooth, system was restored and i’m going to load my configuration into CIS. What happend next i think you already understand… Comodo wasnt load my tuned config file, saved 15 minutes before. CIS was loaded (from where?) an a three months old config file and save it over the top of the new one into the my CIS config backup/restore directory…

So, my wish is in the subject. Thanks and excuse my poor language please.