CIS MS or Sandboxie

Hi Running opera in MS partially limited renders printers ( printer worked until yesterday), pdf’s etc useless. What is the best option run opera in sandboxie or run opera unsandboxed with D+ unrecognized files set to blocked?

It’s funny just today I had a similar problem. I have IE and Opera Sandboxied and can’t print from them. I just saved the file, then opened it with unSandboxied word and printed it. Maybe one must need to print from not Sandboxied browser.

BTW what is MS?

CIS Manual sandbox. So sandboxie suffers the same?

Yes, the whole concept of a sandbox is to isolate applications from accessing other applications. Depending on your settings, things like printing may not work because an application needs to call another process.

The default configuration of Sandboxie will allow a sandboxed process to spawn another process in that sandbox, so printing will work as the printer drivers will be loaded into the sandbox. However, if you have your sandbox setup to limit the programs given run access, printing will fail unless expressly allowed.

I have only done rudimentary experimenting with the manual sandbox in CIS, so I’m not sure which configuration would allow printing.

Whats puzzling is that printing worked with opera manually sandboxed by CIS partially limited until yesterday.

That is odd… I don’t know why that would happen.

Do these screen shots help?

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Looks like the print spooler is being blocked. Have you changed any settings recently?

Is there a rule for Opera in your computer security policy? Defense+ → Computer Security Policy

If not, what happens if you create one and give it the Web Browser predefined policy?

I did change unrecognized files to blocked from untrusted then back again. If I sandbox ie9 printer don’t work aswell so I don’t think it’s opera.

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Did you create that custom policy, or did CIS. Is COM access blocked? What happens if you remove it?

CIS created it. I’ll try removing as for the com could you elaborate,

Anything blocked in the custom policy.

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Decided to uninstall then clean and reinstall. If not solved could you run me through your last suggestion.

I see you use in Comodo’s sandbox. I’ve found it to be very slow that’s why I prefer to use Sandboxie.

So if I was to basically run opera in sandboxie would I be able to print?

Just used sandboxie on another machine pdf’s open in sandboxed opera. Haven’t tried printing as no printer is installed. Looks like sandboxie for me with its user friendly approach will comodo’s manual sandbox become more useful one day ie pdf’s, printers working sandboxed etc.

sandboxie of course is going to have more features and work better then comodos sandbox because it has been around a lot longer then comodos sandbox. it has only been around for a little more then a year and comodo is also developing its full suite. sandboxie has only the one product so it gets more development exclusively

Agreed it’s a young product but if it doesn’t become more user friendly (I hope it does) what’s the point of it when sandboxie does the job?

allowing a sand boxed app to access the print spooler is like locking the doors and leaving the windows open. if the sandbox does not block the print spooler then u have a malware friendly area and a sad excuse of a sandbox. 88)

either you trust the app or you do not. choices choices choices ?