CIS + Malwarebyte's = Conflict

Hi guys,

I’m having trouble using the CIS with Malwarebytes PRO’s, even with real-time scanning disabled. Every time I send a check to manually’s the Malwarebytes it starts scanning the memory and soon no longer responding. Malwarebyte’s then appears blocked by Defense+. (C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Malwarebytes’s Anti-Malware \ mbam.exe - Blocked by Access Memory).
It includes reliable as file but I still can not perform the scan. Also disable the Defense + module of the CIS and still not run the Malwarebytes scan’s. I have had a similar problem to install the Java update (6.29) which is also blocked by Defense + even disabled.
I’m using Win7 x64 Pro, Comodo Firewall v.5.8.213 FREE … (last update) x64, Malwarebytes’s PRO 1.5.1.

Thank you.

Hi ViNk, welcome to the forums.

All of CIS’s processes have Interprocess Memory Access enabled in the Protection Settings (see bottom of page). You need to add MBAM components (or whatever needs access) as Exceptions to be able to access CIS’s memory without being blocked (and logged).

However, in saying that, this shouldn’t cause any actual problems other than the human kind (on seeing the Defense+ log entries and worrying about it). In short, not gaining memory access to every process shouldn’t really upset MBAM… on the contrary it should expect it, as many security applications defend themselves in this manner.


I use both of these applications and have performed scans with real-time monitoring enabled and disabled in both applications and do not have any issues.

Perhaps a configuration problem on your side?