CIS make my laptop fans busy

I was using norton internet security before i moved to CIS and I dont remember the fans of my laptop sounding all the time - only when it would update itself, but now it seems my CPU is warmer than ever, my dual core temps are around 54 C and 56 C and when I run application like NoteWorthy Composer (a music software) and play a file it sores up to 70 C and 73 C, can set Comodo to be lighter on my laptop?

you have not mentioned the hardware of your notebook.

if you have MB monitoring utility installed( e.g smbus driver and controller ), it is observed that with cis fan revs upto 3000rpm.
Also cis treats mb monitoring utilities as suspecious.

Try giving it installer or updater privelege this reduces fan rpm.( my experience)



thank you very much Adi

my hardware is Compaq Presario F756NR
i am not sure about the MB service, could you please tell me how to check for it?


Make sure Norton is completely uninstalled. Try running their clean up tool: .

Then start taking a look at Windows Task manager to see what program(s) are using a lot of resources. Don’t forget to show processes of all users with task manager.