CIS make my computer drop from the Internet frequently

I have CIS installed on my Vista Basic x32. It works fine and easy to use,moreover powerful.But there is a critical problem.
My university using H3C switch and our computer must install a cerification software named H3C iNode Client to access the Internet.Now it seems that the drivers installed by the software conflict with the CIS.And i drop from the Internet one time every three minutes.Then, I disable the Firewall but it does not work.
Any suggestions? could I uinstall the firewall driver? or just change to another free anti-virus ware? if it is, could
u recommand some splendid things like comodo…


Have you any Block entries in your Defense+ log?
It might be Defense+ blocks some activity of H3C iNode Client.

Also try to add rules to treat H3C iNode Client executables as trusted both in Firewall and Defense+ and move them at the top of the list.