I think the drag & drop window & the check mark should be removed & is not required. The whole space can be used for important info/stuffs & GUI will look better & usability will be better too.

What info/stuffs would you like to see?

i was thinking the same thing. id like to see stats of last file scanned, database version

*Unrecognized files
*Programs currently running inside the Sandbox.


I’m think so too. I hope COMODO team can improve some usability and some UI tweaking in the future.

The summary tab from cis 5.

+1 :-TU



The same as in v4.x at least – high traffic processes (with link to net activity list), currently sandboxed/unrecognized/runnig with link to the appropriate processes lists etc.
And an old-style “modes” switches too that aren’t only enables/disables but allows to choose a levels.

Infos from the summary page of version 5.

Cloud info.

CIS & database version.

Advanced settings (no need of advanced settings in every modules)

Make it flip, important infos in the front & others backside, so that the GUI doesn’t looks cluttered.

Cloud info should be below “Secure”.

edit : Just like Kaspersky and “Cloud protection” button.