CIS lost some paths in the folders "Groups of files".

I do not know for what reason but in the section “File groups” sometimes this error-“Files, file paths are empty” and is not restored with time (helps reset the configuration).
P.s. This bug affects settings from Comodo and from a user.
P.p.s. СIS 8.2; Windows 8.1

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Have you used a software called IOBit Uninstaller? I’ve seen one report that after using said software, certain files had a blank name in Comodo. If you haven’t used that software then I don’t know.

Hello! I have installed IObit products: “Advanced SystemCare 8”, “Smart Defrag 4”.
Software “IOBit Uninstaller” which included in complete “Advanced SystemCare” - remove after installation.
Use to remove “Soft Organizer”.
Thank you, you gave me the idea. I had no idea what it is.
“I’ve seen one report”
Sorry, if you notice it, I will be very glad if you show it to me

Sorry, not entirely sure what you mean.

The report can be found here: Please note that the information about iobit uninstaller is further down in the comments.

As I understand it when you uninstall an application using iobit uninstaller it also tries to remove the entries from Comodo in the registry but doesn’t do it properly which results in corrupt entries which manifest themselves as empty/blank rules.

I wanted to say that I do not use “Iobit uninstalle”.
Use the “Soft Organizer” to remove applications (сan and "Soft Organizer " removes invalid entries).