CIS log viewer filter problem on IP Adress


The filter on ip adress doesn’t work in log viewer !

Here is a sample :

I open the log viewer and i select firewall event category.
I create a new filter on this category by selecting advanced filter option
I create a new filter with destination ip = and there is nothing to display

I have got many entries with destination ip = in my log viewer indeed.

I think the filter on any ip adress doesn’t work and it’s a real bug in CIS.

Could you tell me more about this bug ?

Regards ;D

Works fine here screenshots please of before and after adding filter.

Thank you



Thank you for your response Dennis :wink:

i m sur that the filter have a problem and here is my screenshot to proove it :

filter on ip address : ----> doesn’t work
filter on ip address : —> works

To conclude, the filter doesn’t work on all ip address ! why ?

is it a problem of CIS librairy ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated ;D
Best regards.

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A bug has been described in filtering, where this actions only filters the concerned column, leaving the others unchanged.

I don’t know, as i don’t filter adresses, if it applies to them, please check by yourselves.