CIS locks up when double clicking on any feature you want to open in the console

I have CIS 3.14.130099.587 and have found by accident that if you happen to double click on any feature you want to look at or modify from within the main console window it will lock up and you cannot close the CIS window and it eats up 90 to 95% cpu time. The only thing you can do is keep hitting ctrl-alt-delete until you finally get the task manager and kill CFP.EXE and then restart Comodo. I’m not using the anti-virus module.

For example if you double click on the Firewall button (at the top) it will go haywire?

No, it seems to lock up on the sub menu items but not all of them. I should add that i have my the wheel on my mouse set to double click and this is what gets me in trouble. It is allmost impossible to double left click on any of the sub menu icons using just the left button. This is no big deal, just thought you might be interested.