CIS lets program working without asking or creating rules

So I am not sure if this is actually a bug or I am stupid. :a0

Installed fresh CIS in Proactive Security mode. Create rules for safe apps is unchecked everywhere. Trust files and apps from signed vendors are unchecked as well.

Everything else is fine, but one program - AOMEI Backupper Standard 3.2. Here’s a link>

The firewall asked me to grant internet access to AB, but that’s all. When I started the program to actually create incremental backup, CIS stayed quiet. Not a single alert from D+. It created the backup successfully and then I looked up at the HIPS rules. This program is missing. No rules are being created for it. How is that possible? ???

I see it in D+ logs as “ignored”. What that even means? I haven’t ignored anything.

edit: Log attached.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Same with My Lockbox free > My Lockbox – FSPro Labs

But this time the program even missing from the logs. I think that’s not normal behavior.

Do you have Do not show alerts disabled across AV, HIPS and Firewall?

I had issues with my PC (not Comodo-related) and restored an old image, so I don’t have CIS installed right now, but those 2 programs were the only 2 that I didn’t receive any alerts for. So I guess I had alerts enabled. Will reinstall CIS soon and report back.

Back with CIS installed. Same as before. I have everything unchecked since the first question during install. Even disabled the sandbox, but still no alerts when I start AOMEI backupper.
HIPS in safe mode.

Hmm, now HIPS doesn’t show alerts for CCleaner, Gom Player, SMPlayer, Mozilla Thunderbird etc. I guess it uses some whitelist even though it should NOT.

It shows like 50 alerts for Skype for example.

Sorry, that makes no sense. 0 alerts for AOMEI and 50 alerts for Skype. Uninstalling CIS till v 9.