CIS & Leak Test makes no sense if you have to make tweaks

Hi all,

Sorry to state the obvious but CIS and Leak Test make NO sense if I have to make a page of tweaks to get top scores - BTW it did NOT work for me

If you really want to show CIS works with the Leak Test (as it FAILS 30/340 on my PC) then supply a .cfgx configuration file for any user to import instead of publishing a page to make unnessary tweaks

Then there is no question on whether CIS works with Leak Test

It will also make it easier for New Users

Make a configuration file for the main OS: XP (32bit), Windows 7 (64bit)

I am coming from ZA and am very frustrated I cannot get 100% on the Leak Tests

The leak tests were designed with an older CIS in mind. The test seems to fail with the new technology now incorporated within CIS.
This does not mean CIS is more vulnerable nor does it mean CIS offers less protection.
It (the test software) simply has issues with the current CIS software.

I do think a new leaktest software package needs to be designed to fully test the new software (CIS and all others now incorporating similar technology).

That’s fine but what is of greater concern is that I now do not get any pop up when I run leak test even though clt.exe is not in any tabs of CIS

Can you assist me with this?

Also, what about providing on the Comodo website with a .cfgx configuration file for specific OS?

That would save both yours and my time immensely