CIS latest

Now sandbox is full virtual.

The autosandbox popup correctly mentions “has been run virtually”.

The unlimited rights alert mention “run isolated (default) - will run with limited rights”
It would be better if it mention “run isolated (recommended) - will run virtually

I think the word “recommended” is better than “default” when it comes to average users.
And as sandbox is full virtual now, the words “run virtually” is correct. “with limited rights” was correct for previous partial limited option.

Hello naren,

Thank you very much for your recommendation, we will definetely look into this .

Kind Regards

Hello naren,

So I ve checked your request below and see that “Default” here means an action that will be performed if user not make any choose. Alert expires in 2 minutes and CIS performs default action. So this is not such a recommendation here. Do you think this is not a good behaviour ? If you think so, please advice what would be your wish ?

Thanks in advance,


I agree with you.

What about the other query i.e “Run Virtual” instead of “Limited Rights” as sandbox is now full virtual & not with limited rights?

Since this is not a bug in CIS but more of a wish i will move this to resolved. Feel free to create a new wish in the wish board.