cis language updates

new member,
so many apologies if this in wrong part of forum or titled incorrect;
i have cis free firewall,version 5.10.228257.2253;windows XpSP3;
which continuously tries to update languages;
i am English and don’t speak Slavic, Arabic, Dutch, or the other 100 or so languages that comes preinstalled;

this isn’t a bug as such, as i removed excess languages, but after doing so cis continues to try to reinstall languages,
i run the update manually couple times a week to make sure it is only languages & not other updates that are required;
so basically i would like to know, is there anyway of restricting language updates;
cis is set to English language, but doesn’t seem to make any difference, i still get every other language by default;
i’ve been using comodo firewall for over a year & find very good;
also use comodo dragon & comodo backup

unfortunately there isnt a way to prevent CIS from downloading new language files (that i know of) you can add this to the wishlist.