I Installed CIS 5 Beta yesterday and today i booted my pc to find DT not working anymore… so i go ahead and start the installer to the new dt version and CIS tells me its starting a buffer overflow attack? wth? seriously this should not be i am pretty sure this is not true. Then when i tell him to ignore this (sandbox disabled too) dt istaller gives me an error message because of CIS 5 !

I don’t know how busy you are, but when you get a chance and are curious. Post that problem here(below)
You can get a professional opinion on that and they have the tools to do it. You can upload the file in question there (Use "Additional options") or or upload it to and post the link to it.

You will get a answer (I don’t know how long it’ll take for a response, I guess it depends on how busy they get)

Just an idea, if your curious :slight_smile: