CIS "killed" by Windows System Suite (rogue antivirus) ??


can Windows System Suite kill CIS (if an user allows its installation, of course) ? ???;msg317020#msg317020

Yes it can.
To prevent it.
Use password protection and D+.
go to Miscellaneous>Settings>Parental Control>enable the password protection
for the settings.

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Hi Camille

Could tell us more about your infection? How did your computer react? Did you reboot? If so did CIS came back? If did not reboot, did your computer become slow? Were you able to use your computer in any shape or form.

Thanks for the tip. Nonetheless, it should not have been that way. CIS should not have been terminated. The fact that CIS was terminated proved that CIS has some weakness or flaw that should be found at once and corrected.


Please read Camille Case post again, just asked if it could kill CIS.

Link provide in post to the member who was infected.


I’m sorry. I only read the header of the thread without paying attention to the interrogation point at the end. Well I guess the only way to find out is to actually intall it and see what happens. Let us be brave. ;D


Thank you for your answers, even if they are a bit disturbing. I thought that CIS self-protection was very, very strong. But some malwares seem to be stronger.
Another good reason to remain very careful while surfing on the Internet.

This may be able to kill CIS, but only if you allow certain alerts in D+.