CIS keeps trying to update, but is already current


My copy of CIS always has the update icon in the system tray and when I click it to check what it wants to update to, it brings up

I am running 3.5.57173.439 Sig: 692 which is more recent that that shown on the release page.

Why does CIS keep trying to update?? I have all my settings to automatic in the update area.


Anyone? Please?

Do you have Vista running ? there should already be an article around here, but it could be that your system has some old stuff left in between updates, go check out c:\users\UserID\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files and see if there is a Comodo folder in there.

Yeap, that folder does exist and it has two folders:

and four files:

What should I do?


Knight rider, the curent virus signature is 800 and in your case it seems is 692.

I think your CIS had some problems with virus signature update. Instead of clicking what it want to update, Open CIS-Miscellaneous and click Check for updates.

There was some improvements in the CIS antivirus build to perfect the signature update. (I think this problem was fixed in sig. version 771). While 3xist reported that this was done automatically through antivirus update, in my case, when this pop up came, I actually updated the same through check for Updates feature, during which CIS updated requiring a reboot, while the version number remained same. I have been experiencing better antivirus updates since then.

I think this will enable you to clear virus update problems. However, I also request you to please make a restore point, before doing so, so that you can restore it to previous stage, in case if you find any anomalies.

Just exit your CIS with the tray icon, way a few seconds for it to close.
Then delete the stuff in virtualstore\Program Files\Comodo and reboot, see if that helps.