CIS keeps trying to download the same old .CAV

Hello and thanks for read this post.
Well the thing is Comodo is trying and failing to download the .CAV “BASE_END_USER_v10459.cav” for the last 2 weeks the strange thing is that when I go to CIS–>MORE–>ABOUT the virus signature database says “10478” but every day CIS trays to download the same v10459.cav.
Thanks again for your time.

CIS downloading the cav today 2011-10-17:
CIS virus signature database today 2011-10-17 :

Try the manual update as described in Where can i download the latest full AV database?.

Does that help?

I tried the manual update, reinstalling and I think that was all thanks for the respond but I think I’m going to format and reinstall windows, thanks again.