CIS keeps sandboxing edge

Hello guys,
i have a problem:CIS keeps sandboxing microsoft edge.
How can I solve?

Does Edge have File Rating Trusted in File List?

It does not appear in the file list :embarassed:

Are you trying to install Edge or trying to run it pre-installed?

run it pre-installed

If you add Edge to the File List as Rating Trusted does that solve it?

unfortunately it doesn’t work

If you disable (un-tick) “Enable Auto-Containment” would that allow Edge to run normally?

I use Cruelsister settings and it never gave me any problems

I fully understand, it should work normally with the settings you normally use.
But just for tracking down the problem and/or testing purpose it would be good to know if disabling auto-containment would allow Edge to run.
After checking you can enable auto-containment again. It is up to you if you would like to check this and to give your feedback.

I tried as you indicated.
I have disabled the auto containment and Edge run normally.
Closed edge and re-enabled the automatic containment signals me 2 CMD files

Thanks for trying, so with auto-containment disabled Edge starts and runs normally.

Do you happen to have an auto-containment rule for Edge active?

For me to get the full picture, which CIS version, which Windows version and which Edge version do you use?
Maybe I can try to reproduce it at my end.

Thanks to you
How can I create an auto-containment rule for Edge active?
WIN 10 2H02 build 19042.906
Edge 89.0.774.68

What I meant was, if you look through the list of auto-containment rules do you than see a rule that more or less forces Edge to run in containment (which should not be the case).
Normally Edge should not be listed in the auto-containment rules so you do not need to add an auto-containment rule for Edge.

I checked, but there is no automatic containment rule for Edge

I’m not sure whether you want to try or do the following but could you export your current configuration and File List (to make a backup of your current settings) and than import and/or activate a default clean CIS configuration (like Firewall security config or Proactive config) and than run Edge again to see if it runs normally (not contained that is).
When done import your own configuration file again and make it active. Also import your own File List again (if needed).

Maybe your current configuration has become corrupted, in order to rule that out you could try changing the active configuration to a clean one as described above.

Done, but keep blocking Edge.
I report the file C_cmd.exe_C23319F8A938ACE67D9469E6679BAF534B98E6A2.bat

If you disable Cloud Lookup does that make a difference when running Edge?
(Don’t forget to enable the feature again afterwards if you had it enabled.)

Verified; unfortunately nothing changes :frowning:

Do you know or do you remember when this started to happen (Edge running contained)?
What did you change or what was the last change you made to your system when this began?
Did Edge run normally before?