CIS keeps breaking my system and still hogs my CPU with useless actions

Hello. Could you, please, instead of putting effort in smuggling in dubious modules like “Privdog”, which tricks users into installing it, even when you find that hidden opt out option, fix that annoying bug, which periodically makes “cmdagent” use 12,5% of my CPU power, without any option to kill that stupid function? CIS also does the same with a part of Hot Keyboard Pro, where it stops that application from functioning properly, also with that same annoying 12,5% bug? Of course, without any notification, which module exactly is messing up the functionality of my computer. By the way, since version 8.2 turned out to be even more unusable, i am on some 7er version again. Hints are very much appreciated, but please don’t bother to ask me for logs or tests or anything like that. I just want this security suite TO FUNCTION, nothing else!

There it is, not even 10 minutes after reboot. 12,5% CPU for HkHook64.exe, leaving my macro program unusable, for no apparent reason (hey, i had this exe even whitelisted to avoid this mess). So, for now, i have turned off Viruscope, as wild guess. A good day for Malware, since we’re forced to either turn of the firewall functions, or being left alone with broken software. Comodo, great job! Why can’t you get your stuff straight?

I just want to inform related staff members on this issu. I have the same problem CPU at %13 after restart… My PC is groaning at that stage.

CIS just forced me to restart my system, because it hogged two applications, each having 12% load. Also, i couldn’t shut it down, nor restart it. That’s why i had to reboot. I have reported this issue more than two years ago. It’s a shame, that an otherwise good firewall is ■■■■■■■ up by such stupid issues, which Comodo obviously is ignoring.

Ok, so i have to exit that program, that i normally use a lot, because this firewall chose to not let me (and supposedly others) use this program any longer. What about the big programmers at Comodo and their staff? Don’t they like to come down to us regular users, to explain, why the heck CPU usage has to be on a unnerving level, and has even to stop applications from working? And, yes, there are even more issues, because Comodo’s cavwp.exe also likes to use 12,5% CPU, every now and then.

Using Comodo for over 8 years now, i really have to look for alternatives now. It just sucks.

Kindly provide the link to the bug report or the bug number.

In the meantime, I will move this to “Resolved” section.
Thank you.

Sorry, but i said, do not bother me with any stupid bug reports. And no, nothing is resolved here. I say, you all must be lying, claiming you don’t know about this big fat bug. It is up to you to show any ways, of how exactly this is “resolved”.

Every issue is important. Please do not misunderstand but I’ve moved it temporarily to this section since it’s not in the required format for the bugs section. Developers will not read reports which are incomplete.

Also, you said the following :

I have [b]reported[/b] this issue more than two years ago.
I cannot find your issue. I was just asking for your help in order to provide you with accurate information.

Thank you.

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qmarius our Board Moderator is doing his best to process bugs to the require level to the best of his ability, if he says he can find it he means that nothing else.

Please note whatever you might think this does not give you the right to insult him please desist :P0l

Thank you