CIS Keeps Blocking Opera


This Build 7.0.315459.4132 as well as the last Keep Blocking Opera.

When I go to Launch Opera to visit a page, it does not happen.

When I look at the CIS Interface it shows Blocked Intrusions 118. Please look Capture 1

For a Temp fix I have to go to Opera file on my PC then Scan with CIS each time. then it stops, as in stops counting under Blocked Intrusions.

I have enclosed a file with info of the Blocking.

P.S. This is happened on a stable version of Opera 20 as well as my version of Opera 21, that I am now on.

Some more info here > < Please look at page 88

Hope this Report helps.


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Since this isnt a false positive report i will move it to the proper section

Hi Nige_39,
Does any of Operas files show up under ‘Bad Files’ with a rating scan?

Many thanks wasgij6 for moving it.

No captainsticks, it does’t seem to show that!

However since I did a cold start this morning, it does not seem to be affecting me, the blocking of Opera, at this moment.

Maybe I fixed it ?, to when I scanned Opera under:

C:\Program Files\Opera Next
C:\Users\Main-Peronal-PC\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Next

So it must be Trusted now.

However I had this Problem, when I had the last build of CIS 7.0 and this Build of CIS 7.0, to when I install a new build. Then it then that Opera gets blocked until I have to Manually fix it, to be Trusted.

Like shown on here > and post No1 on here.

I took at look at Killswitch and it was Trusted Opera, when I first installed CIS 7.0.315459.4132 Opera showed Untrusted, but in the Cloud it was trusted.


Hi Nige_39,
That is good to hear that all appears fine at this moment. :-TU
If it re-occurs with the next update, see if it shows up as ‘bad’ with a rating scan.


Many thanks captainsticks, Yes, I will do that very thing!

When CIS gets a next update, and if it happens again I will do a rating scan and see if it shows up Bad!

Thanks again