CIS its vulnerable to process termination at this exact moment?

Hi, sorry for my english

This is of course all in CIS sandbox, limited security level, cant put it more higher or I lose internet for application. :cry:

  1. Application with virus was capable of put bugs in another clean application, so it would behave unproperly.

I was able to fix this with CIS HIPS Defense+. Hurray!!!

  1. Application with virus, dont like what I did with the first step ;D, so virus decide to disconnect my vpn secure high encrypted connection. I was able to fix this with CIS CIS HIPS Defense+. Hurray!!!

  2. Application with virus, really get mad with me, for doing that on step 2, lol hahaha. Now she or he (virus) sais, dude now is fuc*ing personal. You want war? you will get war. lol hahahaha ;D

Application with virus decide to terminate the program and get close and get disconnected from internet. And basically get close.

Now I need the application with virus been open all the time that I am using it. And not be closed. Unless I manually do it.

So Is this a leak or a vulnerability that has CIS right now?, or I am doing something wrong on step 3?.

To tell you the true I am impressed by comodo software I never thought CIS could beat and win in step 2, and it did it. So this gives me hopes for step 3.

Any ideas, suggestions, tutorial links, are welcome :wink:

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