CIS is weird sometimes

I have selfextracting file (made years ago with WinZip so CIS has scanned it many times) and now when I doubleclicked to extract it’s contents CIS decided to block that even it has nothing malicious (1 folder with some tiff-images in) on it besides being executable (no portable apps when it was made).

I assume that you have used an older WinZip version to create the selfextracting WinZip exe file.
It could be that the hash of this older selfextracting WinZip exe file version has been removed/deleted from the AV (light) database (if the AV blocks it that is).

Yea very old WinZip but haven’t used WinZip for years (since WinXP and ~6 years ago and many CIS versions ago) but CIS didn’t say anything about it until tried to extract it even CIS has scanned that file even on current version of CIS quite a many times (assuming CIS does Full Scans when comp not in use).

It was blocked by whatever component because it is unknown so I doubt it was being blocked by the AV. If you do not want files being blocked, you need to use unblock applications task or set the file rating to trusted in the file list.

yea I use unblock quite often so I know how to use it. was just wondering why that file triggered CIS (av, hips, …) now not anytime between then and now.