CIS is terminating a program

I have the latest version of CIS and am having a problem with an old game (Oddworld). Anyway, the game has been on my computer for about a year and I have played it in the past with no problems. Well, tonight after a 5 month hiatus from it it would not run. It would attempt to start then just stop working. After some probing, it seems CIS logs this as an unknown program and stops it from running. I have added it as an allowed program in D+ and tried gaming mode, but it will not run.

However, if I run it in the sandbox its fine. How can I get this to run properly like it used to before CIS “magically” decided to kill this program?

I just ran a rating scan and it appears CIS somehow “forgot” this was a safe program.

I added it as a trusted program and now it runs BUT there is no sound…but there is sound if I run it in the sandbox.

Whats up with this?