CIS is significantly slowing down my entire system

I tried using my system without CIS and it was so good. Now when I returned back to it, it’s significantly worse. Seriously, can’t you make CIS lighter on system resources? Like A LOT?

Hai brah!
Care to share system configuration, OS version, any and all background programs you have?

Acer TimelineX 5820TG (Core i5 version).

But this all irrelevant. Because the system is a lot responsive without CIS.

Calm down, let’s hunt the problem together shall we? :wink:
Which operating system do you have? got it, win7, 4gb ram…
Are you using any other security program with CIS, be it antivirus, BB, HIPS, firewall or suite and also oother programs in realtime like Malwarebytes, Super AntiSpyware, Immunet, Panda Cloud, anything that provides protection?
Can you give I/O read/writes from task manager [in processes tab] about cmdagent.exe?

Windows 7.
Over 2 million B/s when creating list for uninstallation. And this goes pretty much for everything: showing icon of executable, browsing with Firefox, playing a game. You name it.

Which CIS version are you using?

Now 5.8, before that 5.5, before that 5.4, before that 5.3, etc.

If you disable antivirus [realtime protection], what happens then, is it lighter?
Also what is your CPU usage?
What programs are using over 15% of CPU?

Hmm… There were significant performance bugs in 5.3 and 5.4, but v5.5 works almost seamlessly. 5.8 currently in beta stage so, perhaps, some “beta” bugs here too? What sort of slowdowns are you experienced? Heavy CPU load, high memory usage, delayed i/o operation, program start lags etc.?

Heavy HDD I/O. I have 5200 RPM disk, so this kind of stuff is easily noticeable.

Btw, after disabling AV, it seems to be faster, but I need to test it more thoroughly. Let me play a game and I’ll tell if it really worked.

Game over…
BETA SHOULD NOT be installed on a production machine, it is for TESTING purposes ONLY!
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Uninstall BETA and install latest official stable version, strongly recommended, thanks!

All versions are causing system slowdown!

Btw, and yes, disabling AV did improve system’s responsiveness.

BETA SHOULD NOT be installed on a production machine, it is for TESTING purposes ONLY!
Kapish you?

Now, work with me here, all right? Try to set in AV settings protection level to:
1: Stateful
2: Do not scan files larger than: 3MB, not 40MB.
Report back if it helps…

I’m hoping the 3MB is a typo, because then it’s not scanning much of anything at all. May as well turn it off…

But why is AV causing performance regression? :cry:

Most typical malware he would encounter are measured in kilobytes, 1.5mb max! Anything over that would need to be unpacked/extracted and even then AV would catch it! It’s not like OP would go and intentionally want to get himself infected by visiting malware sites. This is not lowering protection level in any way…

Not sure, but that’s why we do this step by step to see what the problem is. Not everyone has a slowdown with CIS so we need to see what we can do. What we know is that AV is taxing the system heavily so we will lower the performance impact…

Terepin we need more information.

What hardware are you on? What CPU are you using how much RAM? We failed to answer if you have any other security programs installed and which ones are running as a residential shield at the same time.

Currently the av data base file is around 180 MB; about a year ago it 80 or 90 MB or so. In a next 5.8 beta there will be a new av engine which will reduce the database size to 80 MB.

Moving to Install / Setup / Configuration Help - CIS.

My HW specs are in this thread. AV is causing excessive HDD usage during accessing files.

Please confirm OS is WIndows 7 and RAM is 4GB…
Also, do you have ANY OTHER antivirus/antimalware/antispyware/antyanything running at the same time?
We ask questions so we can narrow down the problem and recommend solutions… :-TU

Please, don’t consider me an IT n00b, it’s insulting me.

And yes, I have what I told I have.