CIS is sandboxing schvost.exe by its own

  1. When sandboxing is set to “Fully Virtualized”, CIS is sandboxing schvost.exe by its own
  2. CIS is giving me error when trying to save it on disk (see screenshot).
  3. COMODO Internet Security 7.0.308911.4080
  4. Windows 8.1 x64
  5. Proactive configuration with following changes (see attachment).
  6. Clean install.
  7. Nope.
  8. It’s random. Sometimes it happens right after OS starts, sometimes in the middle of nothing, and sometimes not at all.
  9. No warning or info given. CIS just sandboxes cmdvirth.exe and as a child processes several schvost.exe (two in this case, but mostly three).
  10. I have suspicion that this is causing some apps to crash for no reason.

P.S.: This issue inherited v7 from v6.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Could you check the logs to see if any application was sandboxed? It could be that an application that needs these processes was sandboxed and then it instantly closed leaving it showing just the svchost.exe processes etc.

Now that you are talking about it, yes, it was. 7zip Theme Manager was sandboxed.

I added info about auto-sandbox level and screenshot.

I believe it is expected behavior that CIS will create a virtualized version of scvhost.exe when running an application as fully virtualized. This has been the behavior for CIS V6 as well. Therefore, I doubt that this is causing the crashing issues you are experiencing.

For the time being I will move this topic to the main Beta board for discussion. If this does turn out to be a bug please send me a PM and I can move it back for processing.

Thank you.