CIS is out. That's great, but...

CIS is out. That’s great, but when can we see separate versions of CFP and CAV? I know that if one choses just to install the firewall component, that the AV won’t be installed, but still have to download the full package. So, why not the option just to dowload the CFP?

For me it was all installed, just not activated. Check you Comodo folder.

CIS is actually a SMALLER download than CPF3 itself! CPF3 is 33.2 Meg while CIS is 26.4 meg.

I do think there are plans for separate downloads to be regularly updated.


Are you sure about this ???

Size: 18.6 MB (19,564,288 bytes)

64-bit. :wink:

32.3 MB (33,877,248 bytes)

Still makes no sense because the CIS 64 bit installer is much larger… (40 MB) :THNK

I would like to hear explicit answer from Comodo Stuff. Will you still have separate releases of the AV and Firewall in future? Or from now on you will provide CIS only?

Please, let us know what are you up to?

Hey! Look on the bright side! Panda Internet Security was 80MB last time I took notice. ;D

Can anybody please answer my above question? Melih?

Try PM’ing him to look at the thread, I think his eyes are glued on the CIS forum… ;D


Seems so… :Beer

I subscribe that!

I download CIS and install CFP only, but the installer create a folder and a shortcut called COMODO Internet Security. :-TD See Oupost, they have his own firewall and his own security suite…

And I miss the word COMODO Firewall Professional, since I’m use only the firewall, why isn’t professional?

Can Melih or other COMODO Staff look up at this topic? Please!

What exactly do you mean seperate releases? You can install either component with current configuration.



The way CIS works is that you can install either Comodo Firewall or Comodo Antivirus. Those in CIS ARE the “separate releases” Where you CAN install one of the other, or the entire thing - And no Security Suite has that in the world, let a lone a free one. What’s the point of having ANOTHER one? That’s like COMODO publishing the same software twice, There is plenty of information here how to configure CIS, and info on the website.


Ok, I really thanks COMODO to all hard and great work, but I download CIS and install CFP only and the installer create a folder and a shortcut called COMODO Internet Security. That’s unprofessional! :-TD

I really have no idea why that shortcut bothers people & those files you see… It’s only integration work. But maybe you can put it in the GUI Wishlist. :slight_smile:


So, I go to the “Feedback/Comments/Announcements/News” board and no longer see the wishlist thread for CFP.

Does this mean that Comodo has no plans to ever release a stand alone version of CFP? :THNK

Ok, fine, we can chose what to install, I know that, but I really hate to waste my already very limited monthly traffic on things I don’t use or have no plans on using. This really upsets me… (:AGY) >:-D

Why not CFP and CAV as separate applications, then CIS as the bundle? It would be the normal thing to do. The ones who want to use CFP, download it. The ones who want CAV, download it. The ones who want the full package, download it.



AV signaures weight almost one third of the installation size but they were also included in CFP 3.0.25 to provide a preliminary scan before installing CFP and enabling CleanPC default mode.
While it is possible that an end user already got his AV of choice even a CFP specific package will only provide a marginal benefit since it should also address the case the end user has no AV thus bundling the AV signatures.

Three different installation packages will also require additional QA testing, anyway as the installation is a one time download, once the user made his choice the updater will only download the strictly necessary updates.