CIS is not up to date but does not signal this

CIS on Vista 32 bit Dell laptop
I hadn’t used this laptop since around May 10th.
I expected CIS to show Red warning because not up to date

I joined a screenshot.
Language is Dutch
On the left it says Not Up to date On the right it says “safe”

This is a big problem!!

Part of a wish to not change status due to out dated av database considering you’re still secure due to other protection layers of CIS.

Futurtech - I do not understand your answer.
You find this OK because I am protected anyway???
So why do we have to update virus database???
What about new virusses???

Yes just because the AV is not up to date, it doesn’t mean you are unprotected unlike it you had disabled one or more components of CIS. If you were to run a new virus that is not found in the AV database, you would still be protected with containment, HIPS, firewall and viruscope. Also you have cloud lookup which contains the newest AV database.

I have been using Comodo for some 15 years and I always found it superb.
Since Comodo 10 I am having nothing but problems.
What I signal here is not normal and I get the answer I shouldn’t worry about it???

I am wondering about Comodo 10 version : Maybe it is OK for Windows 10 but does it work for older versions???
I had the Pro version installed on Windows 7 pc and had enormous problems - see -;msg860386#msg860386
Maybe I posted this in the wrong section because nobody reacted yet.
As said in that post I returned to Comodo 8 and all problems are gone.

The virusupdate went very slow and stopped each time because of Timeout. My laptop was on Wifi.
I then made Lan connection and update of virusdefinitions got done

I have then uninstalled CIS10 as described here in a threat Comodo Forum
I then installed CIS10 without Geek Buddy.
I also unchecked Secure DNS server - Cloud based analysis and send anonymous …
When new installation ended the problem this topic was started for still was there:
Comodo shows safe but antivirus is not up to date.
Again antivirus update does not work over Wifi
It succeeded over lan but installing the update takes ages.

I just see in my Windows restorepoints that Comodo installed a Network driver.
My guess is that this is causing the update and slow internet problems.
I will return to Comodo 8 in the next days.
Unless somebody here is willing to seriously look into the problem