CIS is not protecting its services from termination

Hi all,
i have read an review about CIS and see a possibly issue with CIS

“I also tested how well Comodo Internet Security Pro 2013 is protecting its services from termination. Unfortunately none of them are protected. You can terminate all its services with ease. This is even more unfortunate since the 2012 did protect its services from termination. When dealing with very well programmed viruses, Comodo might fail to protect your computer, just because those viruses will terminate it with ease and prevent it from running.”

Is this right or could i set an option in config to prevent this, because in this case the firewall makes no sense, isnt it? :cry:

Thx for feedback


The link to the review is

With V6 it is intentional that trusted programs, such as task manager, are able to disable CIS services. I believe that this was done so that if something went wrong with CIS, most users could figure out a way around it.

However, an unknown or dangerous application, meaning all malware, would not be able to do so. These are unable to affect any CIS processes.

Thus, what appears to be a vulnerability is actually not a vulnerability, but merely an increase in usability with no added danger.

Good to read this !
Thank you very much for explaination Chiron :-TU :-*