CIS is detecting Norton antivirus and norton 360 as a virus.

CIS is still detecting many legimate files as false positive.

False positives :

product name file name virus name website

  1. Powerdvd setup.exe = unclassified malware[at]36712755 www.powerdvd.exe
  2. Norton N360S300EN360.exe = heur suspicious[at]26364879
  3. Norton NAVG09EN.exe = heur suspicious[at]70037948
  4. Pismo pfmap-053.exe =heur suspicious[at]45450986

virus database version = 3399

I really appreciate your work but these false positives are irritating please check it out.

thank you


Thanks for reporting.we are going to check that and they will be fixed, if they are confirmed to be FPs.


Hi Blade,

All mentioned false-positives were fixed with DB 3404 of Comodo Internet Security 3.13.125662.579. You can update to confirm. Thank you for reporting them!


quite fast response… :-TU…keep up the good work