CIS is choking up on log files and cannot breath

G’day all

I’ve been advised by andyman35 to start a new thread and I’m asking everybody to help me to support this we want our clean out log files button back >:( now, why CIS is choking up on log files & cannot breath very easy because I’ve notices it not speeding up when I need to see some of the logs and not everything else it getting to slow.

What is point if waiting for a new version for the next major update is due toward the end of the year (CIS 2011), I’ll be happy to have just the clean out log files button while they are fixing whatever their planning towards the end of the year please.

Otherwise CIS is going to choke to death very soon and this doesn’t look very good without, so please just give us back our clean up log files button back while we all wait for the next release and I think is very fair.

I’m trying to be very rude to you while CIS is choking to death very slowly, I’m not a doctor I cannot give CIS a (CPR) an emergency procedure in cardiac arrest.

but you can limit the log size under misc, settings, logging.

Indeed you can limit the size of the log, move it to another folder or disable logging all together.


Thank you I have no idea about this or maybe I didn’t look sorry for the trouble :a0 I just don’t understand on earth Comodo has removed this option the clean out log files button.

I wish they would have left that to because I like cleaning stuff out, but all I did was limit the logfile size to 2 and have it delete and start a new folder.