CIS is blocking a port that I opened in a global rule

Hi, I am using uTorrent with port forwarding configured on my router. When I try to open the port that I use in Comodo by adding a global rule, it doesn’t work. It is my understanding that as long as the rule I’m using to open the port is at the top of the list (above the Block IP In… rule) then this rule will be treated with priority. This is not happening. I am absolutely certain the issue is with Comodo because everything works great when it’s disabled. Online port tests and uTorrent’s built in tester show the port is closed and the private tracker I use is registering me as not connectible, which is the main reason this needs to get fixed.

Rule for opening the port:
Source Address Any
Destination Address Any
Source Port Any
Destination Port MyPort (where MyPort is the port number I use and is a single port)

My “port stealthing” configuration is a combination of the first option and the third option. Please do not suggest the second option as I have already tried it, both without any other global rules in place and with my open port rule. Not only does it not help, but I don’t particularly like it. If someone can please explain why the port is not being opened and how I can correct the issue, I would appreciate it. Below is an attached screenshot of my Global Rules.

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Assuming the port designated in ‘MyPort’ matches that of your router and it’s forwarded correctly, the rule looks ok. What Application rules do you have for uTorrent? Also, are there any entries in the firewall logs?

You could enable logging on that rule to see if it’s firing…

OK…just enabled logging on that rule. I also checked the current firewall events before enabling logging and there are already a ton of “blocks” each occuring when the destination port is MyPort. The firewall seems to be doing the exact opposite of what the rule is telling it to do.

Also, just tried activating the default configuration and then adding the rule and it worked perfectly. Problem is, I have lots of settings that evolved over time that I don’t want to lose. The vast majority of these settings relate to anti-virus and defense+ though. Is there a way to import the default firewall config without losing any other settings/configurations in antivirus or defense+ ?

Might be helpful to point out that the configuration I’m using now was imported after a fresh OS install. Below is a screenshot of the configurations menu.

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Unfortunately, a configuration file contains settings for all CIS components (if I remember, the option to be selective is on the wish list). So if you need to keep your D+ settings, simply remove any firewall rules and start again, with the same config.

You didn’t mention what you have created by way of application rules for uTorrent, but I assume you understand you need both Global and Application rules for this application.

By the way, the second option on Stealth Ports Wizard, is the default setting for a new install of CIS.

In your Global Rule what did you fill in for source port?

What application rule did you make for uTorrent?

Hey thanks for the help. Sorry, I fell asleep after my last post last night :slight_smile:

Radaghast: I tried using the second option for the stealth ports wizard, then adding my open port rule. Unfortunately this did not work. That’s why I switched back because I prefer the third option as well as trusting my home network zone.

Does using the stealth ports wizard do anything OTHER than creating global rules? I’m thinking that my selections in this area may be causing the issue.

EricJH: As listed in the first post, my selection for source port in the global rule is “ANY” and my selection for destination is Single Port → My Port Number. I have an application rule for uTorrent as trusted application.

Maybe I can delete all of my rules and then add rules based on the default configuration. Going to try that, but I’m worried that there may be some other setting aside from app and global rules that is causing an issue. Please let me know if there are any other suggestions you may have. Thanks.

Woohoo! It’s fixed :slight_smile:

I removed all app and global rules, manually re-imputed the defaults by looking at was listed in the default configuration, followed Radaghast’s tutorial for uTorrent config that I found on another post, then re-added my other app rules. Everything works fine now.

Thanks for your help guys and a double thanks to Radaghast for an awesome tutorial.