CIS is 6 months!

2008-10-23—2009-04-23 :smiley:

CIS 3.5.53896.424 was released 2008-10-23, and now, ½ year later, with the latest 3.9 beta, CIS has become so much better:
D+ is more powerful and very quiet :-TU, buffer overflow protection :-TU, memory scanner :-TU, heuristics :-TU, Threatcast :-TU, localized versions :-TU, the rapidly growing virus database :-TU, improved detection rate :-TU, improved definition format :-TU, faster scanning :-TU, faster updates :-TU.

What did I forget? ;D

Now I’m waiting for CIMA like heuristics, Time Machine and the new GUI in version 4. :wink:

Melih has promised that CIS will be “one of world’s best AVs (if not the best)” in 12 months. I don’t doubt it will be! CIS already rocks! Thank you Melih and the CIS team for giving us CIS! :-TU

Half way through in becoming one of, if not the best AV’s! Melih shall keep his promise!!!

Watch the next 6 months! :wink: CIS 4.0 anyone? :slight_smile:


Don’t forget that YOU are/were a key person in the translation work. :a0

Yes, CIS has become amazing. :-TU

And so are you, and all the other translators. :-TU

The power of “Community Driven Commercial Software Development”.

This is world’s first example of that.
We have seen open source examples of community and volunteers… but first time ever we are seeing, Community Driven Commercial software Development.

What this does is gives the power of community for driving the product with the muscle of commercial development facilities. A very powerful combination that you are seeing results of!

Thank you to all of you for being part of the Comodo Community! Fun has only just started :wink:


Hey Melih

Can you make that promise again, In 6 months or less the AV will be of one of the best if not the best? ;D


That is what i am working towards…keep your fingers crossed…:slight_smile: I would say CIS is now top 10…making its way slowly but surely towards top 3 position :slight_smile:


Top 10 out of who? :smiley: Need to be more specific on who your comparing CIS too… For example I can’t think of enough reputable AV’s that would make the " top 10 "sound good…


EDIT:: What I mean is, Top 10 would only sound good if there were maybe 50 Av companies or something… Not the small amount now.

i counted over 20 AV vendors just here
but companies like CA, sunbelt, rising etc is not here. So the number is well over 20…


List of antivirus software (Wikipedia) :wink:

What I mean is comparing your self to Lavasoft\webroot\etc to find a place in the top 10 isn’t something WOW… CIS need’s to be better than the programs that everyday people use… Like Norton\avira\avast…

#boy# :I'm in the top 10 for athletics at school out of 50 people! #girl#: You forgot to mention that 40 of those people have disabilities.

Do you catch my drift?? (I mean no offence with that quote, just using it as an example.)

lol do you mean that ad-aware has a disability as so many others ? Do you remember CAVS 2, it wasn’t really the greatest was it ? But see where we are now, and which way we’re heading to. The future looks good, but there is still a long way to go. And who knows, perhaps we can make it ?


Even the greatest journeys start with the first step!

The road to top position goes thru 20th, 19th, 18th…3rd, 2nd and then 1st…

Its a journey and we are where we are and I am proud of the great achievement we have accomplished in only 6 months of launching CAV! So keep your eyes on the countdown :wink:


Don’t worry, I’m always paying attention as to what happens with comodo :smiley: I like watching it develop…

Welldone on what comodo has achieved so far…

CIS is growing up very quickly. Good Job

Well, for a small amount of people CIS is already favorite, the core components are working very well with 3.9 beta (lightest AV and one of the best HIPS). Now you need to add more things such as better signatures, more signature updates and of course CIMA heuristics and a silent mode with behavior blocker so that CIS is attractive to people who don’t belong to a security forum geek circle :wink:

I guess this can’t be achieved in six months but there’s good progress though.

And of course don’t forget to make the x64 HIPS better, it’s good but there can be done more (look at Outpost FW)…

Might be possible in six months, there have been nice additions since CIS was launched. :slight_smile: