CIS interrupts with WiFi connection

I have been experiencing losing wifi connections for the past few months, and finally decided to uninstall CIS to see if it helps. Unfortunately it seems that CIS has been the culprit to my problem, and have now installed a different antivirus and I have no longer issue with wifi.
I thought I should mention this issue, so that you could improve this in the future.

This is certainly not intended behavior. Please try reinstalling CIS by following the methods I suggest in this post and let me know if that is able to solve this issue.


Was reinstalling able to solve this?

Okay, I am going to assume that reinstalling was able to solve this issue. Therefore, I will move this report to Resolved.

simon101, if reinstalling was not able to solve this please let me know. I can then move this back to the main bug reporting board and continue processing.

Thank you.