CIS installs fails


I use offline installer in order to configure protection before connecting to lan.

Always check checksum after download.

So on fresh machines :

  • windows 7 x64: fail to install with messages.
  • windows 10 x64: install and run.

In order to weed out causes from my side, I tryed on two differents hardware and 32 & 64 win7 distribs.
Installs failed on 4 cases.

Thanks for help

You need to at least have SP1 for windows 7 installed and additional Windows updates to support sha2 digital signatures. Specifically updates KB4474419 and KB3033929.

thanks for you reply.

It’s already a SP1 version with sha2 support added : 6.1-kb4474419-v3-x64, Windows6.1-KB3033929-x64, windows6.1-kb4490628-x64. And kb4474419 was the september release.


by the way, CIS certificate ended december… Any link with my problem ?

Hello global033,

Thank you for reporting.Let me know your CIS version please?

Kind Regards,


6914 downloaded from here

have a nice day.

Windows and the installer need to check the digital signature status to determine if it is still valid which requires an Internet connection. Specifically the online certificate revocation check, without this check the digital signature will be considered invalid.

In this case I’m happy that older release works :love:

But hope you will provide solution for NIC (not internet connected) systems used by several companies in order to protect sensibles departments. :P0l