CIS Installer

CIS installer now shows app 60 MB, previously it was app 85 MB.

Is the new 60 MB installer for both 32 & 64 Bits?

Whats the default setting for enhanced protection mode on win 7 64 bits or 64 bits systems, enabled or disabled?

Hi Naren,
The installer is still for both 32/64-bit, the size is optimized more than previously.

Default setting is disabled.
Quote from the help file.

Enable enhanced protection mode (Requires a system restart) - On 64 bit systems, enabling this mode will activate additional host intrusion prevention techniques in Defense+ to countermeasure extremely sophisticated malware that tries to bypass regular countermeasures. Because of limitations in Windows 7 x64, some HIPS functions in previous versions of CIS could theoretically be bypassed by malware. Enhanced Protection Mode implements several patent-pending ways to improve HIPS in Defense+. (Default=Disabled)

Thanxx for the info

Should I enable it? Does it increase popups?

I use it enabled and it does not increase pop ups for me.

Enhanced protection mode - what is it?

Why its disabled by default?

Do you guys keep UAC enabled with CIS installed?

It can cause problems on some systems. That said, my advice is that you enable it, and if you find that it causes problems disable it.

I do not. I find UAC quite annoying and, as long as you know what you’re doing, it doesn’t add any additional protection to CIS.


Can it cause any major prob?

Does UAC automatically blocks anything malicious?

And I read somewhere here in Comodo forum too that disabling UAC also disables some protection features of Internet Explorer 9?

Not for me. I have never encountered any problems with it, and in fact my article recommends that you enable it unless you run into problems.

Not in addition to what CIS already blocks. For protection UAC, in my opinion, is redundant.

Yes, I believe that is true. I think it disables the sandboxing, or perhaps something else.

I’m not sure, but in any case even if something got through IE CIS would still stop it. Therefore, I don’t consider it necessary to deal with those annoying UAC popups just for an extra layer of security which CIS will protect you from anyway.

That said, the choice is yours.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


I thought it is unnecessary for 32-bit, but in the linked post (in the quote above) it is said it can be used for 32-bit either.

Maybe someone can explain what is this, the Enhanced protection mode?

I thought it is only for 64 bits but it seems it is also for 32 bits?

What actually does it protects?

What difference does it make when enabled in 32 bits & when enabled in 64 bits, besides the normal CIS protection?

from my understanding you can enable it on 32 bit systems but it doesnt provide any extra protection, it is only necessary to enable it on 64 bit machines.

As far as I understood it changes the way D+ hooks into the 32-bit OS and may help when you adjust CIS to work with other security progs, though does not affect the level of protection for 32-bit OS.

Not much info what actually it protects or does on 64 bits

For time being I will keep it default i.e disable.

But would like to know in little clear detail what it actually does, etc…?

Is this option available in version 6 too?


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Egemen wont tell us how it works or what it exactly does

For reason of safety from malware writers?

Most likely.

Enhanced Protection Mode provides addition security with default CIS settings too i.e AutoSandbox Enabled or with D+ only i.e AutoSandbox Disabled?