CIS installed fine, won't run - virus??

I use comodo CIS on all my pc’s. Would run it on my Mac if you made it for mac…then again, Mac doesn’t really need it. :wink: hehe

Problem: My Step-daughter gave me her computer (Acer netbook) because it said it was loaded with 107 virii. I was pretty sure this was one of those trojans that TELLS you it’s infected to make you buy their BS software that removes nothing…since there really isn’t anything to remove, cept their ■■■■ trojan.

I have dealt with this before for other people, so I knew I was in for a nightmare. However, nothing ever like this before… So, I found the BS program hiding, and killed it. Manually went through and killed all the registry entries for it and some other ■■■■ programs (pre-installed AV software that came with the computer that I also deleted since it’s garbage…) I rebooted and still couldn’t get online…wouldn’t see the internet. Finally found that problem (app had ■■■■■■■ with the hosts file) and got online. I got CIS and installed. It worked just fine as I figured it would. BAM! wouldn’t run. tried several times. NOPE. uninstalled, reboot, re-install, nope. On a hunch, did the 3 finger salute… tried to run Task Manager…NOPE!!!

Now, I have run into this once before with a trojan… but, fixed once I killed the registry entries for it. So, I did some more searching in the registry…can’t find a problem now. I am at a total loss. I have sent the hijackthis log in for checking, and it was fine. No problems found.

I really do NOT want to have to kill her system and start from scratch. But I know this may be the only way. My question is this: IS there a way to make a bootable comodo cd that I can use to try and get it running? I have tried several of the “NET” scanners, and the ONLY thing any of them showed were some cookies for ad sites… (sucks since each of them took over 90 minutes to run…) and the couple that showed 1 or 2 infected files, wanted 19-50 bucks to fix it… I simply allowed myself to see hidden files/folder, and deleted the files myself. IDIOTS!!!

So, is it possible to create that bootable cd? Do you have a hidden NET scanner I don’t know about?


  • Greg

Can you please use the methods I discussed in this post to see if there is still an active infection.

I’d warn against using the program to remove anything as it is very powerful and could potentially destroy the system if used incorrectly.

For a general approach to cleaning an infected computer you can see my topic here. There’s some very good free scanning programs suggested here.

Also, I’m going to move this to the Virus/Malware Removal Assistance section as it seems more appropriate.

Please let me know if any of the scanners find anything suspicious.