CIS Installation Setup

Go ahead and vote/post ;D. Which CIS installation setup are you using?

Note: Setup as in CIS (full), Firewall (inc/exc. Defense+), Antivirus (inc/exc. Defense+) or Just Defense+ (minus Firewall and Antivirus)


CIS full on Proactive Defense.

Just curiosity, Graham1, but what would ‘Other’ be?

The Configurations are: Internet, Proactive, Antivirus, and Firewall.
Are you referring to Installed configuration?

I use CIS full, Proactive, Stateful, Safe, and Safe (top down).

CIS Safe mode for me.
CAV with disable D+ for others.

I always add an “Other” option incase I’ve missed something ^_^.


Yes, have changed now to make it more clear.



I have CIS full installed…

AV realtime disabled, firewall to custom policy (High alert setting), D+ to safe (even if I go manually changing the rules made sometimes to make them stricter)… Pretty much it, Proactive alike settings. =)

I have CIS AV and Proactiv defense installed

AV realtime stateful , D+ to safe mode

See my userbar… (:TNG)